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Are You A Blocker? Do You Know One?

Garden Of Eden

Garden Of Eden (Photo credit: ihave3kids)

Are you blocking your own blessings by doubt, fear, anger, ego, jealousy? Do you need to be the center of attention, are you full of drama, do you truly listen to others when they talk, or are you one of those who don’t appreciate what you already have?

If not . . . great , but I know you know someone who is. This is the person that keeps you or someone you know from the “task-at-hand”. Human nature has not changed since the beginning of humanity. Eve did not realize that the snake was a . . .”snake.” She could not comprehend that she would one day give birth, raise two sons to love each other, and that one would kill his brother. 

Just as sure as there are sunsets and full moons, there will always be someone who will gladly take what you have or love. It does not matter if it is money, loved ones, worldly possessions, identity, virginity, integrity, or beliefs. It is their human nature to destroy you by all means possible.  Unfortunately, it is a slow process over a period of time. The most unfortunate part is that you know the person  . . . personally, intimately, or by blood.

It is okay to be stupid and not see someone for who they truly are … that is human nature. It is NOT okay to be “stuck on stupid.” That’s when everyone else see all the red flags but you. But instead of sticking around for the five-minute “don’t do it” speech, you make your decision. No matter the decision right or wrong, you learn from that life lesson or experience and hopefully (hopefully) you move on.

This is the time to re-evaluate the people you give too much credit to that don’t deserve it! You must also appreciate those you don’t give enough credit too . . . including yourself! And remember, don’t let anyone (anyone) block your blessings . . . including yourself!

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