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Check Yourself!

ChecklistThere are checklists for anything you can imagine like traveling domestically or abroad. There are checklists for the car, work, home, safety and surgery procedures, and more. But what about the checklists on the maintenance check for self? Well here’s a small checklist to start!

  • Check your health – Without your health, the rest of this list won’t matter! Maintain a diet which consist of fruits and vegetables, prepare your own meals, and try to grow your own food. Drink plenty of water and keep your body active.
  • Check on your loved ones – Time is promised to no man. So keep in touch with those you love and those who love you. Let them know you love them while they are alive and give them their flowers while they can still smell them!
  • Check your finances – If you have more money than one person can spend in a lifetime, then make sure you give back. If you are barely surviving, check for any available resource or barter and trade. Remember, money is just a resource needed for this material world!
  • Check your belief system Open your mind to gaining understanding and wisdom wherever you may find it! As you acquire knowledge, it is worthwhile to pause from time to time and examine the validity of those beliefs.
  • Check on your soul – The soul is a spiritual entity created by God. Just as in the womb, you acquire the powers needed for this world, so in this world you should acquire the powers needed for the next! 



More Precious Than Money!


What is more precious than money you ask . . . time, of course. Spending time together is what someone will remember, it’s called memories. When you have the money, you don’t have the time and when you have the time, you don’t have the money. It seems the two are never available at the same time. 

Time well spent is more precious than gold. Parents work hard and long hours to buy things for their children, when all children need is their time. Their time to nurture, teach, and build character.  Men in relationships feel pressure to buy diamonds, flowers, houses, cars, etc. to impress the women in their lives. When all they need is to take the time to know who they are trying to impress.

You can save money to spend at a later time or endow to family members in your will.  But time waits for no man. Once that time is gone, you can’t get it back. Spending time with love ones used to be commendable. Now spending is commendable. Time is what you need to live. Money is just a resource during that time! 

Are You Living Or Surviving?

Living or Surviving

When you are living… you thank God every day you wake up, regardless of your limitations! When you are surviving… you wonder why God has forsaken you, regardless of your blessings. When you are living… you enjoy the riches of the earth and the sounds of the birds as they sing. When you are surviving … you only see the man-made riches of this world and can care less about a bird!

Living is finding peace in your heart and mind. Surviving is maintaining doubt and fear in your soul. Living is breathing. Surviving is choking. When you are living, you want to share your story with anyone who will listen. When you are surviving, you don’t want anyone to know. 

Living is what I am trying to do. How about you?

The Words You Speak . . . !


Words spoken and words heard are ways of communication. However, the spoken word has the greatest impact on the overall conversation. It is those words that transforms hearts, minds, and souls.  If we fail to use the right words, we run the danger of entering into arguments with others.

It is not uncommon for people to hold certain beliefs and, at the same time, say things that basically contradict those beliefs. It is not easy to be consistent. We all have habits of the mind, formed throughout our lives, that cause us to say things without thinking about them. As you acquire knowledge, it will be worthwhile from time to time to examine the validity of your words.

People are not some abstract entity called humanity. Nor are people empty containers just waiting to be filled up with information. Everyone has their own hopes and aspirations, their own fears and difficulties. It is to the soul to which one must speak in order to ignite a spark  … a spark that will assist one in reaching true understanding! 


Don’t Go Backwards!

Don't Look Backwards2

When you go backwards, you relinquish your powers. How?. . . you ask, I will tell you. When you go backwards, you go back to familiarity. There are no new challenges, just the same challenges from before. When you go forward, you are in unfamiliar territory, with new challenges. When you go backwards, you tell the same old unsatisfied stories. When you move forward, the stories are new and exciting.

When you go backwards, everything about you reveals how you surrendered your powers. When you push forward, everything about you reveals how you are maximizing your powers. Looking ahead pushes you to new levels and possibilities. Looking back brings up bad memories, feelings, or mistakes. The only good thing about looking backwards is learning not to bring it into the future. 

Always continue to spiritually grow and improve. Show people the “new” you. Don’t go backwards to the “old” you, where people take all you have to give and you have nothing left for yourself. Don’t go backwards to the person that everyone wants you to be. Step into the future, use your powers, and be the person that God intended you to be.

The Mirror on Your Wall!


If the mirror on your wall could speak . . . what would it say? Will the mirror say that you smile at it everyday, or will the mirror say you are always “grumpy” . . . even on your birthday? Will your mirror “call you out” and tell secrets that you dare to share with anyone? Or will your mirror compliment you on a  “job well done”?

Maybe your mirror will tell about family, visitors, and friends it saw and the way you treated them. Maybe the mirror heard awful conversations about you from these people. Maybe the mirror heard praises about how they felt loved, how they felt welcomed, how great the food was, or how beautiful the place was, etc. Maybe the mirror will tell that no ever visits and you have no interaction with others.

Would your mirror speak of your kindness, understanding, and generosity or would it speak of your selfishness, envy, and unhappiness? Would your mirror say it barely sees you complain or would it say you are in its face all day . . .  whining? Would your mirror say you accept the truth or would it say you cover things up? Would your mirror say that it feels like a confidant or would it say it does not know you at all? How would the mirror on your wall critique you? 

Monthly Affirmation ~ January

WHAT have you done today in preparation for tomorrow?

Stop waiting until the end of the year to begin setting goals.  Begin now, one day at a time with a positive affirming monthly theme and weekly goal. Concentrate on the daily tasks that you must accomplish.  List the things you need to do to get them finished.  Do it now, do not procrastinate, and check off each item you complete.  Review your list often to assist in keeping you on track. In this first month start implementing the three techniques emphasized: 

  • Positive Affirmation: Trust God in ALL situations
  • Goal Setting: Goals can be big or small, few or many
  • Action: DOING leads you toward your goals
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