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Wisdom Is . . .

There are certain pillars which have been established as the unshakable supports of the Faith of God. The mightiest of these is learning, the use of the mind, the expansion of consciousness, and the insight into the realities of the universe and the hidden mysteries of Almighty God. To promote knowledge is an inescapable duty imposed on every believer of God.

God has endowed man with reason that he may perceive what is true. If we insist that such and such a subject is not to be reasoned out and tested according to the established logical modes of the intellect, what is the use of the reason which God has given man?

The eye is the organ of sense by which we view the world. Hearing is the faculty for distinguishing sounds. Taste senses the properties of objects such as bitter or sweet. Smell detects and differentiates odors. Touch reveals attributes of matter and perfects our communication with the outer world. Yet, the circle and range of perception by the five senses is exceedingly limited.

But the intellectual faculty of man is unlimited in its sphere of action. The eye views details less than a mile, but the intellect can perceive the far East and West. The ear may hear tones at one thousand feet, but the mind of man can detect the harmonies of the heavenly spheres as they swing in their courses.

All religions teach that we must do good, that we must be generous, sincere, truthful, law-abiding, and faithful. All this is reasonable and logically  . . . the only way in which humanity can progress. Consider what it is that singles man out from among created beings? Is it not his reasoning power . . .  his intelligence? 

The distinction which man enjoys above and beyond the station of the animal is due to this paramount virtue. It is a bestowal of God. It is not material . . .  it is divine. By intellectual processes and logical deductions of reason, this super-power in man can penetrate the mysteries of the future and anticipate its happenings.

All created beings embody the potentiality of material perfection, but the power of intellectual investigation is a higher virtue specialized to man alone. Other beings and organisms are deprived of this potentiality and attainment. All blessings are divine in origin but none can be compared with this power of intellectual investigation which is an eternal gift. All other blessings are temporary, this is an everlasting possession.

The investigating mind is attentive and alive. The callous mind is deaf and dead. Therefore seek with diligent endeavor the knowledge and attainment of all that lies within the power of this wonderful bestowal. This is the bestowal of divine idealism, the crown adorning human heads. We must thank God for this bestowal, for these powers He has given us, for the crown He has placed upon our heads.

God has bestowed the gift of mind upon man in order that he may weigh every fact or truth presented to him and judge whether it be reasonable. Consequently, how can it be said to oppose knowledge? Knowledge is the most glorious gift of man and the most noble of human perfections. To oppose knowledge is ignorant, and he who detests knowledge is not a man, but rather an animal without intelligence.

For knowledge is light, life, felicity, perfection, beauty and the means of approaching the Threshold of Unity. It is the honor and glory of the world of humanity, and the greatest bounty of God. Knowledge is identical with guidance, and ignorance is real error.

Happy are those who spend their days in gaining knowledge, in discovering the secrets of nature, and in penetrating the subtleties of pure truth! Sad are those who are content with ignorance, whose hearts are gladdened by thoughtless imitation, who have fallen into the lowest depths of ignorance and foolishness, and who have wasted their lives!


Monthly Affirmation ~ December


WHAT wisdom have you gained this year?

Wisdom is a deep understanding and realization of people, things, or situations resulting in your ability to apply judgments and actions.  The enlightenment gained should bring to completion a clear understanding of yourself. Become emancipated from an undeveloped state of ignorance and mistakes and move forward to a state of awareness and control.

One who is wise has the knowledge and experience to make decisions that lead to a blessed life. In this last month of the year . . .  reflect on the three techniques emphasized throughout the year:

  • Positive Affirmation:  Trust God in ALL situations
  • Goal Setting:  Goals can be big or small, few or many
  • Action:  DOING leads you toward your goals

Your First, Last, and Final Relationship!


The positive affirmation for August is relationships in this world (realm) that are important to you. Without this type of relationship you can never truly find peace. Without this special bond, you could never truly know unconditional love. Without this most beautiful covenant, that I am about to explain, you will never truly experience eternal joy!

Many people live their lives without ever reflecting on life itself or its meaning for them. Their lives may be full of activities. They may marry, have children, run a business, become successful, or become scientists, teachers, or musicians, without ever obtaining any degree of understanding of why they do these things. Their lives have no overall purpose to give meaning to separate events! They have no clear idea of their own nature or identity, and of who they really are!

Cultivation of life’s spiritual side has benefits!!! First, the individual increasingly develops those innate qualities that lie at the foundation of human happiness and social progress. Such qualities include faith, courage, love, compassion, trustworthiness and humility. As these qualities are increasingly manifest, society as a whole advances.

It is only in relation to the Creator, and the purpose which that Creator has fixed for His creatures, that human existence has any meaning.  If there were no Creator, if humans were simply chance products of a thermodynamic system, as many in the world today would lead you to believe, there would be no purpose in life. Each individual human being would represent the temporary material existence of a conscious animal trying to move through his or her brief life with as much pleasure and as little pain and suffering as possible.

The ultimate aim in life of every human soul should be to attain moral and spiritual excellence. To align one’s inner being and outward behavior with the will of an all-loving Creator. That each individual has been bestowed with a unique destiny by God. A destiny which unfolds in accordance with the free exercise of the choices and opportunities presented in life. In particular, it is through the moral exercise of our divinely conferred free will that opportunities are provided for spiritual advancement. 

The soul animates the body and distinguishes human beings from the animals. It grows and develops only through the individual’s relationship with God, as mediated by His Messengers. This type of relationship is strengthened through prayer, knowledge of the scriptures revealed by His Teachers, love for God, moral self-discipline, and service to humanity. 

The evolution or development of the soul and its capacities is the basic purpose of human existence. This evolution is towards God and its motive force is knowledge of God and love for Him. As we learn about God, our love for Him increases; and this, in turn, enables us to attain a closer covenant with our Creator. Also, as we draw closer to God, our character becomes more refined and our actions reflect more and more the attributes and qualities of God.

You Are On The Right Path! Right?

English: Blossom by the path The blossom is on...

The pathway to God is straight and narrow.  This narrow path has less travelers because innumerable obstacles will block their way. Don’t be surprised when those you may know and love are not there! Everyone else is on the frequently traveled  . . . super highway to wherever. 

By way of sincere and constant prayer, you can overcome obstacles and be guided along the narrow path. Prayer helps you to advance toward God, to not lose sight of your special destiny, and to develop and strengthen your soul. 

When you pray you should center your thoughts on God. You should forget the things of the world, what is going on around you, and even your own self. To forget all else except God is not easy. Effort is needed! It requires great yearning! When your heart is pure and free of your own imaginings and desires, your prayers have the greatest effect. 

Another very important requirement for reaching the true state of prayer is faith. You should have complete trust in the mercy of God and be certain that He will grant what is best for you.

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Everyday Is A New Opportunity

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There is a very special relationship between the soul and the body, which together form a human being. This relationship last only the span of a mortal life.  When life ceases, each one returns to its origin, the body to the world of dust and the soul to the spiritual worlds of God. The soul, after its separation from the body, progresses for all eternity.

The soul is a spiritual entity created by God. A soul which is faithful to God will reflect His light and be drawn to Him. The faithful soul will attain a sublime position and eternal happiness, but the unfaithful soul will recognize its loss and be consumed in eternal remorse.

Life is not the changes and chances of the world, its true significance is found in the development of the soul. Just as in the womb, one acquires the powers needed for this world, so in this world we should acquire the powers needed for the next!

First Priorities First!

Priority Number One – Put God First

Putting this priority first will help with all other priorities. Okay! Well, you ask . . . How?

  • Daily Prayers (supplications) – being humble to your Creator
  • Obligatory Prayers – based on your faith or religion
  • Fixed Requirements or Holy Days – that are performed or recognized for your faith or religion 

Prayers and supplications are the very water of life.  They are the cause of existence, the refining of the soul, and attaining to the utmost of joy. Know that in every word and movement in prayer . . . there are allusions, mysteries, and a wisdom that we are unable to comprehend.

Priority Number Two – Love Self

Without this priority, no other priority matters! Okay! Well, you ask . . . How?

  • Believe in yourself – If you don’t believe in yourself . . . who else will?
  • Never stop learning and seeking the truth – NEVER!!!!
  • Check your belief system from time to time – you can’t always be right!
  • Take care of important things to you-health, family, career, future, etc.

Always remember that worldly attachments and vain desires impede the soul’s closeness to God. Don’t be surprised when things are not the way you expect. All things, whether good or bad, are ordained by God.

Priority Number Three – Repeat Priorities One and Two

This priority will help you to remember your top two priorities! Without this priority, you may mistakenly take someone else’s priorities as your priority without noticing. 

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