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Have You Thought of This Type of Relationship?

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This month’s affirmation is about important relationships to you. The point also, is to get you to think about any possible relationship that can exist in this world (realm) and its importance to you.

One such relationship is the one between the heart and mind. When the two are having a great relationship . . . all is well! But when they are in disagreement  … WATCH OUT!! That’s when you realize that your existence is based solely on the type of relationship the two of them have!

It could be a dysfunctional relationship where the heart and mind lie to each other about the truth. The heart makes decisions based on emotions only, no facts included, and the mind offers no logic. Or maybe the mind makes a logical decision with the facts, but puts no heart in it. Either way, this doesn’t work.

Your body reacts with all kind of mixed emotions, endless thoughts, and physical or mental illnesses. When this happens you have to become the therapist for the heart and mind so that they can reconcile their differences. They must be in congruence, they are life-long partners.  They can’t always be happy, but they must always work together! If one of them is successful at sabotaging the other … it is to your destruction!!!

It is up to you to get them back together, engaged, and happily married. So that the three of you can have the type of relationship where the heart and mind are in sync. Where decisions are based on facts, logic, and heart. And build a place where the body and soul can come feel welcomed!

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WHAT relationships in your life can you do with or without?

Relationships can be between lovers, friends, family, co-workers, the workplace, an organization, or God. As an individual, you must decide which relationships are important to nurture and enhance. Then get rid of the relationships that add no value. Start thinking now of the relationships to keep or delete.

Open your circle to those you can depend on for comfort, truth, and love.  Keep in touch with those who can affirm and confirm what you are experiencing or witnessing. Close your circle to those who represent gossip, lies, and drama.

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