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Monthly Affirmation ~ December


WHAT wisdom have you gained this year?

Wisdom is a deep understanding and realization of people, things, or situations resulting in your ability to apply judgments and actions.  The enlightenment gained should bring to completion a clear understanding of yourself. Become emancipated from an undeveloped state of ignorance and mistakes and move forward to a state of awareness and control.

One who is wise has the knowledge and experience to make decisions that lead to a blessed life. In this last month of the year . . .  reflect on the three techniques emphasized throughout the year:

  • Positive Affirmation:  Trust God in ALL situations

  • Goal Setting:  Goals can be big or small, few or many

  • Action:  Doing leads you toward your goals


Before You Act . . . Reflect!


Take the time to think  . . . before you speak! Take the time to reflect . . . before you act! It is always beneficial to take time to reflect on your life. You have to find time to reflect on your daily actions, your daily behavior, your daily health, your daily conversations, your daily relationships, and your world, to understand the role you play in each.

It is not a bad thing . . . to think, draw a conclusion, be proactive, and make your own rational decisions before taking action. It is bad, though, if someone else … thinks for you, decides for you, and then you act upon it. The actions you do are just that . . . your actions and/or reactions. Just like the words you may speak, you can’t take it back.

Spend time with your thoughts and utilize your own brain power. If you are not satisfied with something in your life, then you will have to be the change agent by your actions! It is impossible to continue doing something the same and expecting different results. For example, let’s say the “fair-weather friends” in your life always depend on you for advice, money, or comfort. And then the day comes when you need them for advice, money, or comfort and you get none. What do you do? Are you surprised?



Let God Guide and Direct You!


It is evident, everyday, that many things are out of our control. The weather, other people, and situations. Our present civilization is out of control . . . through forces it neither understands nor can control. Only God has absolute control over His creations as well as perfect and complete knowledge of it.

All you can control is yourself and how you will respond!  Based on your attitude which stems from your culture, your upbringing, your memories, your experiences, and your spiritual qualities. Striving for conscious change of attitude do not occur without effort. Will and desire are not created by intellectual discussion, it is through deep and profound reflection by each individual to look within themselves. 

There will be many obstacles in your way as you strive to maintain control. You may be shy, fearful to speak or act, you may find it difficult to express your thoughts, but you will gradually overcome if you understand to give freely of that which is most dear to you . . . control!

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