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Dollar by Dollar

English: Many dollar banknotes.

Here is some food for thought. Money is just a resource to obtain other resources.  Yeah, I said it!   We give “money” too much power. I know we have to live somewhere, use utilities (depending on the continent), and sustain. But if all you are trying to do is make the dollar to obtain the resources just to sustain . . . then keep reading.

Barter and Trade– the most under-appreciated practice of commerce. There was a time when one could exchange a service for goods. Now you need cash. Bring this practice back wherever possible. 

Put thought into the gift– the most under-appreciated practice of gift giving. There’s nothing worst than to receive an expensive gift that you don’t like and be indebted to the giver. Love is not expensive . . . Hollywood makes it look that way.

Shop at your local farmer’s market– the most under-appreciated place to shop for food. Your dollar will stretched further than at your local supermarket for fresh produce items such as fruits and vegetables.  You also get a larger and fresher variety of produce to choose from. 

Shop Early– Father’s Day is the most under-appreciated day in the history of holidays. There are no advertisements (unless you want to buy him that Hanes t-shirt with no tag). No early bird specials, no deals . . . nothing. Yeah, go ahead and say it, you have to spend more for Mother’s Day because it’s Mom. But there are also good men, husbands, and fathers who should also feel special on their day. These are the men everyday making dollar by dollar to get the resources so their families can sustain. Remember it takes 46 chromosomes (23 from each parent) to create life.  So give dads their credit too!

Put money in its proper class . . .  a resource. Without it, you still survive. With it, you still survive. The people who truly love you and your freedom are more valuable than any dollar amount. Money comes and goes . . .  but you only get one life to figure that out!

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