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W.H.A.T.!™ Did You “Unlearn” This Year?

Confidence-based learning

We have a tendency to say in the English language to “gain knowledge”. But if you really look at the meaning of the two words together, it just seems to imply . . . that it is a collection of intangible items kept categorized in the brain for a period of time. If that is the case then we should be gaining, losing, re-learning, and unlearning knowledge. Right?

To unlearn knowledge consist of dealing with everything you have learned since childhood as “the truth”. For example, if you grew up in a family that is prejudice against anyone who does not look like them or practice the same religion. And then one day, you realize that people of other cultures and religions have similar interest and concerns as your family. You might be unable to convince your family, but you are unlearning their beliefs, and re-learning the truth.

If to gain knowledge means learning something new and retaining it, then don’t we lose knowledge as well? I am still learning something new every day, but don’t ask me specifics about when I served in the Army over two decades ago. Even though, I can still make a mean hospital-cornered bed that you can bounce a quarter off!

W.H.A.T.!™ Did I “Unlearn” This Year? . . .  that no matter how much knowledge someone has or will “gain”, it will be their character that will have the greatest effect on someone else’s life. Good behavior and high moral character must come first. If the character is not properly trained . . . acquiring knowledge will only prove dangerous. Knowledge is praiseworthy when coupled with ethical conduct and virtuous character!  

W.H.A.T.!™ Did You “Unlearn” This Year? If you did “unlearn” something, please share when or what it was, how you did it, or why! 



Are You A Hoarder . . . Of Knowledge?

book hoarder 3

This month’s positive affirmation is about eliminating all types of clutter. Hoarding intangible items is just like hoarding material items.  Talk shows, news stories, and online pictures tell a story every day about someone hoarding animals, trash, clothes, etc. But rarely do you hear about the poor souls who are hoarders of knowledge? Below are a few descriptions of the way it is done:

  • Keeps Secrets– hoarders of important information. Not able to be honest about past experiences and relationships. Unable to share or reflect on those experiences to move forward.
  • Tells Lies – hoarders of the truth. Will try every trick in the book to keep the truth from being told. There will be no facts, logic, or data in the information that is shared.
  • Hides Emotions– hoarders of pain. Can’t let go of the negative energy to receive positive energy. Unable to find happiness or peace of mind.
  • Never Listens – hoarders of own beliefs. Refuses to learn anything new from any other source which differs from what is believed. Disagrees that knowledge can be acquired from any resource.
  • Impedes Growth – hoarders of the soul. Lacks self-discipline and pure heart and mind in matters spiritual. Will also block your process of spiritual transformation.

Do you fall into any of the descriptions above? Do you know someone who does? To share knowledge is a changeless commandment of God, eternal in the past, eternal in the future.


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