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Monthly Affirmation ~ August


WHAT relationships in your life can you do with or without?

Relationships can be between lovers, friends, family, co-workers, the workplace, an organization, or God. As an individual, you must decide which relationships are important to nurture and enhance. Then get rid of the relationships that add no value. Start thinking now of the relationships to keep or delete.

Open your circle to those you can depend on for comfort, truth, and love.  Keep in touch with those who can affirm and confirm what you are experiencing or witnessing. Close your circle to those who represent gossip, lies, and drama.


Is Your Inner Circle Too Big?


Is your inner circle too big? Or are the wrong people in it? Maybe your inner circle contain only family members. Maybe your inner circle consist of friends you met at school or college, in the military, or people you work with. Maybe your inner circle include support groups, or people you know through programs, or from your community. Your inner circle might be from online connections you’ve made through social media. . . either way these are the people in your circle.

When you are young, it seems the more people who know you is the most important! But as you get older, and hopefully gain wisdom, you learn that the importance is in the quality of the people in that inner circle. And with age, you can be honest about those who are toxic and bad for you. You take the time to evaluate the benefit of each individual, and purge or refresh relationships along the years. You might be lonely, but sometimes that is the price to pay for health and peace of mind!

The affirmation for October is about eliminating clutter. You can become overwhelmed with people too! The point is for you to prevent an overload and start using your energy and time to accomplish your goals. Saying no and not obligating yourself to everything is okay. Find the life balance that you are searching for and put it in action. Those who support you will be there for encouragement. It is not about your circle being too big . . . you might just have the wrong people in it!


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