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Monthly Affirmation ~ June


WHAT is God saying that you are not listening to?

God speaks to us always.  We have to let go and let God   . . . tell us what “The Plan” is for our lives. Often we make choices, giving ourselves credit for our mistakes and successes.  God is in charge and speaks to us through many resources. 

Who is talking?  It may be a child, spouse, friend, or co-worker.  It may be a minister, teacher, doctor, mechanic, or stranger.  They are the messengers!

God is the Creator who uses them to bring you the truth!  You may not like the answers received … but when God speaks … LISTEN! God speaks with wisdom and love!


Monthly Affirmation ~ February


WHAT characteristics make up your powers?

Love God with all of your mind, heart, soul and strength.  Know that power comes from God.  Ask God to show you how you can serve others using your powers and step back and watch opportunities appear.

Spend time in prayer. Prayer is the key to your powers. Use your keys to open doors and discover new treasures. Use your third eye to look beyond the surface to the deeper person inside you.

The third eye is your connection to God as well.  The third eye is not blinded by falsehood, seeks the truth, is not of this world, and perfects hearts.

The Prayers You Make A Priority!

Blessed is the spot

There are prayers said that are specific priorities to the individual praying. Prayers asking God to provide physical nourishment for that person and their family in times of need. Prayers asking God for “daily bread” so that individual can gain spiritual nourishment and stay on the righteous path. Some prayers ask God to heal sick ones or for protection from harm or evil. 

The prayers which you recite in the morning, at night, or at other times are from many prayers revealed over many centuries, by many religions, by many cultures, for many occasions from around the world. A few priorities of those prayers asks for spiritual growth, help dealing with tests and difficulties, and forgiveness. Some prayers are specific for the soul praying for tranquility, purity, and firmness in their Covenant with God by doing His Will. Selfless acts of prayers pray for all of humanity, all of God’s creations, and unity for all the nations on earth.

But the highest priority for prayer . . . we pray only for the love of God! Prayers that are to praise, show gratitude, and thanks. The spirit has influence … prayer has spiritual effect. Therefore we pray. If God answers the prayer that is a priority for the plant, when the plant prays, “O God! Send me rain! And God answers the prayer, and the plant grows. Then the prayers you make a priority . . . God can make those prayers a priority too!


Is Prayer A Priority To You?


“If one friend loves another, is it not natural that he should wish to say so? Though he knows that he is aware of his love, does he still not wish to tell him of it? . . . It is true that God knows the wishes of all hearts, but the impulse to pray is a natural one, springing from man’s love to God.”   ~  `Abdu’l-Bahá

As I ask the question this month, what do you make a priority in your prayers? I forgot to ask if you pray at all and if prayer is even a priority to you.  If you know that God created you. And He is the All-Knowing, the All- Wise. And that God knows what you want and need. Then why should you pray?

Because prayer is the food of the soul. When you pray you are taking in spiritual nourishment! Prayer increases your capacity to enjoy spiritual gifts and to experience true happiness. Prayer helps you to advance towards God and not lose sight of your special destiny. This is why you should pray that through the love of God your soul may develop and be strengthened.



Let’s Get Deep!

The Ten Commandments, In SVG

The Ten Commandments (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God is known by many names. God is known by many hearts. God is known through many beliefs, faiths and religions.

  • Abrahamic ReligionsEl (God): The word El comes from a root word meaning—might, strength, power. 
  • Judaism–  A name of God used often is Elohim.  A word that indicates both masculine and feminine essences, yet in a singular identity.
  • Christianity– Refer to God as the ‘Alpha and Omega‘, the beginning and the end… literally and figuratively.
  • IslamAllah is the most used name of God. It is an Arabic word meaning “The God”.
  • Mormonism– God’s name is Elohim and Jesus name in his pre-incarnate state was Jehovah.
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses– Use the name Jehovah for God the Father.
  • Bahá’í Faith– Refer to God by various titles and attributes, such as Almighty, All-Powerful, All-Wise, Incomparable, Gracious, Helper, All-Glorious, and Omniscient.
  • SikhismThere are multiple names for God.
  • Zoroastrianism– Has 101 names of God.

God is known by humans who come in all forms, shapes and sizes from all over the earth. They speak many languages or communicate by other means. God’s message came through many messengers and prophets.  Each brought the same Word of God . . . in a different language, to a different people, in a different place, and in a different period of time. 

But God is The One and the same! The One we must all give thanks! There is none other God but Thee, the Help in Peril, the Self-Subsisting.

Your First, Last, and Final Relationship!


The positive affirmation for August is relationships in this world (realm) that are important to you. Without this type of relationship you can never truly find peace. Without this special bond, you could never truly know unconditional love. Without this most beautiful covenant, that I am about to explain, you will never truly experience eternal joy!

Many people live their lives without ever reflecting on life itself or its meaning for them. Their lives may be full of activities. They may marry, have children, run a business, become successful, or become scientists, teachers, or musicians, without ever obtaining any degree of understanding of why they do these things. Their lives have no overall purpose to give meaning to separate events! They have no clear idea of their own nature or identity, and of who they really are!

Cultivation of life’s spiritual side has benefits!!! First, the individual increasingly develops those innate qualities that lie at the foundation of human happiness and social progress. Such qualities include faith, courage, love, compassion, trustworthiness and humility. As these qualities are increasingly manifest, society as a whole advances.

It is only in relation to the Creator, and the purpose which that Creator has fixed for His creatures, that human existence has any meaning.  If there were no Creator, if humans were simply chance products of a thermodynamic system, as many in the world today would lead you to believe, there would be no purpose in life. Each individual human being would represent the temporary material existence of a conscious animal trying to move through his or her brief life with as much pleasure and as little pain and suffering as possible.

The ultimate aim in life of every human soul should be to attain moral and spiritual excellence. To align one’s inner being and outward behavior with the will of an all-loving Creator. That each individual has been bestowed with a unique destiny by God. A destiny which unfolds in accordance with the free exercise of the choices and opportunities presented in life. In particular, it is through the moral exercise of our divinely conferred free will that opportunities are provided for spiritual advancement. 

The soul animates the body and distinguishes human beings from the animals. It grows and develops only through the individual’s relationship with God, as mediated by His Messengers. This type of relationship is strengthened through prayer, knowledge of the scriptures revealed by His Teachers, love for God, moral self-discipline, and service to humanity. 

The evolution or development of the soul and its capacities is the basic purpose of human existence. This evolution is towards God and its motive force is knowledge of God and love for Him. As we learn about God, our love for Him increases; and this, in turn, enables us to attain a closer covenant with our Creator. Also, as we draw closer to God, our character becomes more refined and our actions reflect more and more the attributes and qualities of God.

You Are On The Right Path! Right?

English: Blossom by the path The blossom is on...

The pathway to God is straight and narrow.  This narrow path has less travelers because innumerable obstacles will block their way. Don’t be surprised when those you may know and love are not there! Everyone else is on the frequently traveled  . . . super highway to wherever. 

By way of sincere and constant prayer, you can overcome obstacles and be guided along the narrow path. Prayer helps you to advance toward God, to not lose sight of your special destiny, and to develop and strengthen your soul. 

When you pray you should center your thoughts on God. You should forget the things of the world, what is going on around you, and even your own self. To forget all else except God is not easy. Effort is needed! It requires great yearning! When your heart is pure and free of your own imaginings and desires, your prayers have the greatest effect. 

Another very important requirement for reaching the true state of prayer is faith. You should have complete trust in the mercy of God and be certain that He will grant what is best for you.

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