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You Got Skills . . . So Put Them To Work . . . For You!

January’s positive affirmation is about preparing and putting into action the things you would like to accomplish for the coming year by goal setting.  In order to do that, you have to plan and act accordingly hour by hour, day by day, week by week, and month by month.  Sounds impossible, I know, but when you procrastinate . . . another year is gone by! The purpose of February’s positive affirmation is for you to truly look deeper inside yourself and your daily thought process in order to carry out those goals.  

We are all blessed with skills and abilities that lie dormant because of life, work, family, or health conflicts! Or worse, you are given your skills away for pennies on the dollar, you are under appreciated, under valued, and over worked! Maybe, your skills are “paying the bills” . . . (for now). But life is everyday and how you make it through each day should matter. 

Your skills and abilities are the ingredients of your individuality. And whether you repeat that skill every day or once in a while it is practice. But always remember that, “practice does not make perfect . . . practice is just preparing you to do better in that skill!” So if you got the skills bake that bread, run that marathon, sell those products, start that garden, sing that song, play that instrument, open that business, mentor those students, start that class, write that book, climb that mountain  . . .  whatever! 

The time is now to start waking up every morning “feeling blessed and less stressed” and tap into those dormant skills you haven’t used in a while, enhance each skill, or develop new ones. Make each day productive to you . . . and remember it is one hour, one day, one week, or one month closer to your goal!


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You Can’t Talk Your Way Out Of This!


Back in January, the positive affirmation for the month was about setting and accomplishing goals for the year. It is now . . . September . . . talk is over, it is time for some action! You can talk a good game about how busy you were or how much you worked.  Truth be told, how much of that time was spent accomplishing goals and bringing those goals to fruition.

It starts with the actions you take and the attitude you bring. Before you know it another year will have went by and all you did was talk about it. Goals are good to set, but with no action, it is just talk! Remember, only you can do what you need to do!

This is the time to find your balance. The balance between what you are destined to do and what actually needs to be done daily. The balance to find time within any given day to go outside and enjoy nature, get pampered with a facial or massage (men too), read a book, watch a movie, or just play X-Box 360 (women too). The balance to make the time to finish or even start those projects where you live. The balance to find time to keep in touch with people who truly care about you.

The balance to find the courage to bring that one-of-a-kind gift to this world. A gift that only you can bring. It may be music or even the lyrics, a book, movie script, medicine, a cure. It could be a new educational design to educate our children for the future. The gift might be as simple as the difference you make in a person’s life, by the words you speak or the actions you do!

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