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Monthly Affirmation ~ July


WHAT do you make a priority in your prayers?

When you pray . . .  you are having a conversation with your Spiritual Adviser. 

You need to understand that the life you are living has a higher purpose. You are seeking the answers to questions you hope will guide you to your destiny.  What you pray and how you pray is a unique opportunity to build faith, hope, and love.

Practice these daily for spiritual growth:

  • PRAY – You talk to God!

  • READ YOUR HOLY BOOK – God talks to you!

  • TESTIFY – You talk for God!


Another Year Is Going By!


Once again, by the time you look at the calendar, there will be only a few days left in 2014. Another 12 months have passed. Where did the time go? . . . Good question! That question depends on you! Did you accomplish any of your goals? Are you proud of yourself this year? Or was 2014 a repeat of 2013? Take time to look at “Your Year in Review” to get a better understanding of you.

Were your emotions dictated by current events? Or did you dictate your own emotions? Were you successful at being a “change agent”? Or are you okay just complaining about the way things are in your life? Did you take any risks? Or did you just play it safe. Did you put God in the equation? Or did you forget there is an entity greater than you!

The highlights of 2014 based on news reports from around the world include devastation caused by mother nature and by human nature. Prejudice and hate are flourishing. Ignorance is running rampant. And envy is the latest craze. The old ways are no longer the right way. And the new way is now old. Things hidden in the past are now in the forefront. And things done in the dark are now in plain sight. 

But the highlights of humanity is that faith, hope, and love still exists! Are you one of the hopeful who spend their days in gaining knowledge, in discovering the secrets of nature, and in penetrating the subtleties of pure truth! Or are you one of the hopeless who are content with ignorance and foolishness, by thoughtless imitation, and have no issues with wasting their lives! Take time to look at “Your Year in Review” to get a better understanding of you!



Monthly Affirmation ~ November


 WHAT do your actions predict about your future?

What you say and what you do should be in alignment! Can people depend on you? Can you depend on yourself? Completing goals require action. If no effort is given to the plan, then the plan leads to failure. The road to success should end in a place that is paved with your sweat and tears.

When you reflect on the positive results, remember that you have asked and trusted in God for assistance. You worked a goal and completed the goal utilizing available resources. You can check another goal off the list and move toward the next achievement with a clear focus of your strengths, credibility, and capabilities. 

Let It Go!

ClutterThat old couch you’ve sat on for 15 years . . . let it go! Those clothes you vow to wear again . . . let it go! The materialistic things that you swear you can’t live without . . . let it go! Let the clutter go! Clutter is a mess of unorganized litter in a bunch of confusion! It is hard to get organized while surrounded by chaos! If you have materialistic things to let go, have an estate, garage, yard, or curb sale and whatever doesn’t sell . . . donate!

If you have cluttered thoughts . . . talk to someone, talk to God, talk to yourself to regain order and clear thinking. But remember you have to systematically clear your mind with your thoughts, not with a compilation of cluttered thinking of others. It is hard to get your thoughts in order while worrying what others are thinking. If you are still confused . . . read, learn, investigate, ask. Each of us was born to think on our own, seek our own truths, and come to our own conclusions.

If time is an issue . . . learning time management won’t hurt. Depending on your responsibilities, an average day can get cluttered from the moment you wake up until the second before you fall asleep. It is hard to organize your day when the day rules you. If not careful, the day will pass without spending quality time with love ones or even telling them you love them. Learning to balance your time each day is managing time. Time management is not about a calendar, appointments, and meetings. But sharing time, life experiences, and memories with love ones that . . . you can’t let go!





Is Your Inner Circle Too Big?


Is your inner circle too big? Or are the wrong people in it? Maybe your inner circle contain only family members. Maybe your inner circle consist of friends you met at school or college, in the military, or people you work with. Maybe your inner circle include support groups, or people you know through programs, or from your community. Your inner circle might be from online connections you’ve made through social media. . . either way these are the people in your circle.

When you are young, it seems the more people who know you is the most important! But as you get older, and hopefully gain wisdom, you learn that the importance is in the quality of the people in that inner circle. And with age, you can be honest about those who are toxic and bad for you. You take the time to evaluate the benefit of each individual, and purge or refresh relationships along the years. You might be lonely, but sometimes that is the price to pay for health and peace of mind!

The affirmation for October is about eliminating clutter. You can become overwhelmed with people too! The point is for you to prevent an overload and start using your energy and time to accomplish your goals. Saying no and not obligating yourself to everything is okay. Find the life balance that you are searching for and put it in action. Those who support you will be there for encouragement. It is not about your circle being too big . . . you might just have the wrong people in it!


Monthly Affirmation ~ October


WHAT clutter can you eliminate to prevent an overload?

Clutter can build and become overwhelming.  Decide what to discard to maintain a healthy environment. Put it on the scales; weigh it and find the balance that tips the scales in your favor.  Identify and list the clutter you need to eliminate. Finding equilibrium that brings peace is important.

 Clutter Elimination

Worldly Items





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