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When Doubt Starts To Take Over!


When doubt starts to take over your thoughts . . . you start to lose the confidence in the power you have. You start second guessing the decisions you so firmly supported. Regardless of how the doubt crept into your mind, it is there! So where is the source of this doubt? Was the doubt spoken to you by another person? Or is it self-doubt? Nevertheless, you got to do something about it!

If doubt defeats your confidence, game over! You will feel powerless and will have to start from the beginning in rebuilding the confidence you already gained. If doubt is removed little by little with confidence, guess what? . . . You are still in the game! You have confidence in your powers and doubt is used only as an advisor! A bit of doubt makes you practice, research, check all facts, and take all things into consideration before moving forward.  

If confidence defeats doubt, that’s when you get the extra bonus points! This is another level of the game in which only a few successfully achieve and maintain. You will display confidence in all you do and that is powerful! You will have no doubts concerning God’s powers versus your powers. Your eyes will be open and you will consider His clear evidence. There will be no doubt that you will find yourself endowed with a new confidence, a new power. With so rich an endowment, how can your endeavors fail?


Is Your Autobiography Ready For Revision?


I recently came across my biography and paused to read it. I was impressed by my achievements, awards, and accomplishments. I was proud of my higher learning degrees, professional memberships, and community service. It acknowledged my years of service and commitment to my career. 

As I think about the next phase of my journey toward retirement, I no longer desire a biography of the past. People will expect me to continue on this same path in the future. They won’t understand that all the power I gained and skills I used to build my biography . . . I want to leave behind in order to use new powers; powers of peace and contentment. 

When you read my “autobiography” . . . I want you to read that I took moments for myself, traveled, smiled, and spent time with family and friends. I  want you to read that I took time to reset my clock, I moved forward at my pace, and I utilized new powers! The future is just that . . . new time to leave your proven powers behind or expand them to the next level. I bet even Superman got bored from checking everyone out with his x-ray vision! 

Monthly Affirmation ~ March


WHAT are you doing with your powers?

Only you can prevent the drama in your life.  You have the power to choose how you will react in every situation you encounter.  Focus on the attributes and spiritual gifts that God has given you.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses and thank God for both!

Watch out when you put your powers into action. You will excel in all tasks.  Like a superhero you can accomplish all things with minimum stress and maximum success by using your God-given powers.  

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