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Have You Started Yet?


Did you make a New Year’s resolution for 2015? A New Year’s resolution is when a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement beginning January 1st. It usually involves eating healthier, losing weight, volunteering more, drinking or smoking less, getting a better job or education, managing stress or debt, etc. 

The problem with resolutions is that by Jan 30th . . . they are irrelevant! You have no time to squeeze anything new or different into your daily routine. “Why is that?” The reason is that the word “resolution” is a noun. A noun is referred to persons, places, things, or qualities. The word “noun” is often used as an attributing modifier. A modifier is a word . . . that limits or qualifies another word in the same construction. The word that resolution limits or qualifies is “resolving” . . . a verb, an action word.

The act of resolving is determined upon an action, a course of actions, method, or a procedure. The word “resolving” means to deal with a question, or a matter of uncertainty. It also means done, settled, completed, resolved! Using the word, resolution, to describe your future actions limits you  . . . while never leading you to resolving anything! Stop giving the word, resolution, any more power. Resolving is a daily action task, it is not just a once a year promise! 



Are You The Best YOU . . . You Can Be?

Best You

“Are you the best you can be?” I’m sure your immediate response is, “Yes, I am the best . . . thanks for asking!” But seriously, think about that question. Maybe you are the best friend anyone can have, but not the best spouse. Maybe you are “The Employee of the Century”, but not the best parent. Gold-Medal Olympians, CEO’s, actors, athletes, as well as Nobel-Peace Prize winners, etc. are always finding ways to improve themselves . . . why not you?

There is always time for personal growth and development. It all starts with you  . . . and the way you think! If you think the “YOU” of yesterday is okay, then you leave no room for improvement or change for the “YOU” of tomorrow. In order to be the best you can be, you have to be better  . . . first. This takes action and time. 

You must be able to take constructive criticism along the way. The criticism may be about your snoring, your clothes, your dialect, your lifestyle, your family, your profession, your kindness/rudeness, or anything. The criticism may hurt your feelings or have no affect at all. Either way, you have to be open to listen about your flaws. Flaws are good, because it proves none of us are perfect, and we always need improvement. As well as another opportunity to be the best “YOU” . . . you can be!


Self-Doubt Is No Fun!


Self-doubt can eat way at your heart, mind and soul . . .  little by little. Before you realize it, you start second-guessing every decision you make. Self-doubt causes fear, anxiety, and self-hate. Self-doubt slowly replaces self-esteem. And that lack of confidence leads to grief. The five stages of grief can apply at any time regardless of the situation:

  • Denial– Low energy, unable to concentrate or move forward
  • Anger– Too much energy focused on the wrong things
  • Bargaining– Trying to go back to the way things were
  • Depression– Out of energy, procrastination, hopelessness
  • Acceptance– Perspective has adjusted, change is ahead 

The best way to know if you have reached the acceptance stage is if you can talk about the experience objectively without the emotions. At times, some of us get stuck in one stage for years; while others can accept, adapt, and move on quite easily . . . that’s because everyone is different!

The best defense to self-doubt is to stay positive! Write a brief statement about your key accomplishments using action words. Revise, refine, and rehearse it out loud until you can powerfully deliver the statement. You control your outlook and attitude. Take inventory of your talents, skills, and knowledge. Practice positive affirmations, believe in yourself, surround yourself with positive people, and channel any frustration into motivation!

Monthly Affirmation ~ January

WHAT have you done today in preparation for tomorrow?

Stop waiting until the end of the year to begin setting goals.  Begin now, one day at a time with a positive affirming monthly theme and weekly goal. Concentrate on the daily tasks that you must accomplish.

List the things you need to do to get them finished.  Do it now, do not procrastinate, and check off each item you complete.  Review your list often to assist in keeping you on track. In this first month start implementing the three techniques emphasized:

  • Positive Affirmation: Trust God in ALL situations!

  • Goal Setting: Goals can be big or small, few or many!

  • Action: DOING leads you toward your goals!

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