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Are You Good To Yourself?

Good to you

“The glory rest upon you, and God’s mercy, and God’s blessings.”         ~`Abdu’l Bahá

In all that you are doing . . . Are you good to yourself? If not . . . then start! Stop beating yourself up for failing. . . and start patting yourself on your back for trying? Stop blaming yourself for what is out of your control and start controlling your own destiny! You are your best friend! . . . Do you treat yourself that way?

Do you treat yourself the way you need to be treated. Like a confidant who knows your innermost thoughts and desires. Always willing to support you or tell you otherwise. Find time for yourself, relax, and listen to what is truly on your mind. Be honest to yourself. Be ready for the unexpected!

Use your energy for you! Start doing what is beneficial for you and check it off your “to-do” list! The friend you are searching for is within. Rise above the petty things of life! Struggle and strive . . . labor hard, and hear and ponder the counsels of God.








What You Know Is What You Do!


Are You Doing . . . What You Don’t Want To Do?


Are you doing what you don’t want to do? And ready to do something else? But you can’t?  . . . But can you?  Do you spend more time doing things you wish you didn’t have to? And less time doing what you wish you could? If you can change it . . . will you? Or will you just live with the regrets?

September’s positive affirmation simply asks what are you doing? But it is a hard question to answer if you are doing everything other than what you want or need to do. When you look at your average day . . .what are the hours filled with? What would you rather be doing? If you can change it . . . will you? Or will you just live with the regrets?

Regardless of what you are doing, it may not be appreciated? Are you okay with that? Maybe what you are doing is automatic and systematic. Are you ready to change? You may believe the day will never come for you to do what you want or need to do. Can you live with that?  If you can change it . . . will you? Or will you just live with the regrets?

Before You Act . . . Reflect!


Take the time to think  . . . before you speak! Take the time to reflect . . . before you act! It is always beneficial to take time to reflect on your life. You have to find time to reflect on your daily actions, your daily behavior, your daily health, your daily conversations, your daily relationships, and your world, to understand the role you play in each.

It is not a bad thing . . . to think, draw a conclusion, be proactive, and make your own rational decisions before taking action. It is bad, though, if someone else … thinks for you, decides for you, and then you act upon it. The actions you do are just that . . . your actions and/or reactions. Just like the words you may speak, you can’t take it back.

Spend time with your thoughts and utilize your own brain power. If you are not satisfied with something in your life, then you will have to be the change agent by your actions! It is impossible to continue doing something the same and expecting different results. For example, let’s say the “fair-weather friends” in your life always depend on you for advice, money, or comfort. And then the day comes when you need them for advice, money, or comfort and you get none. What do you do? Are you surprised?



Monthly Affirmation ~ September


WHAT are you doing?

Sometimes other people will interfere in our lives because they have plans of their own.  Sometimes we let other people interfere in our lives because we do not have any plans of our own.  Either way, you should plan the route you want to follow. 

You decide how you will spend your time and energy! The electric company bills you for how often your meter is running.  How much are you willing to pay for investing in others and not yourself? Remember what you have to do and stay focused on your goals.

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