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How Do You Define Ugly?


Yes, seriously . . . How do you define ugly?

  • By Physical Appearance – do you define someone as ugly because of looks. Based on the front part of their head . . . from the forehead to the chin. Could it be their disability, age, weight or height. Maybe it is based on skin color, hair . . . maybe their clothing or shoes. People who may be unattractive in appearance and unappealing to you  . . . probably don’t consider themselves as unattractive! And you know others who are beautiful, but are never satisfied with the way they look.
  • By Attitude – do you define someone as ugly because of actions. Based on their selfishness and lack of concern for others. Could it be how mean they treat others including their own families, friends, children, etc. Maybe it is how materialistic, negative, and pessimistic they are most of the time and the “self-pity party” attitude. An attractive face means nothing with a rotten attitude.
  • By Character Traits – do you define someone as ugly because of behavior. By watching how they interact with the world and paying attention to how they treat and interact with you. Could they be filled with jealousy, envy, greed, and/or dishonesty. Maybe they are bossy, conceited, self-centered, and rude. Their lack of values and beliefs would conflict with anyone who has a value and belief system.

Remember that physical appearance alone . . .  does not define a person.  And an attitude can be checked and/or corrected with the right information or education . . . sometimes. But character traits are who they truly are. It is their personality, their consciousness, and their way of thinking. When someone shows you who they truly are, whether good, bad or ugly . . . believe them!


Beware of Virtual Relationships!

Virtual Relationships

What is a virtual relationship? The Urban Dictionary explains it as a relationship where people are not physically present but communicate exclusively using online, texting, or other electronic communication devises. Wikipedia uses the term internet relationship. A relationship between people who have met online, and in many cases know each other only via the Internet.

Virtual Relationships2

It further explains this virtual relationship is sustained for a certain amount of time, just as in a person-to-person relationship. The major difference is that a virtual relationship is sustained via computer or online services, and the individuals may not ever meet. This relationship can be between people in different states, countries, continents, or even people who live in the same area.

Technology has made it possible for more virtual relationships. More people are looking for their future spouses on online dating sites. These sites compete and have large advertising budgets to persuade you to look for a mate on their websites. But I am not referring to those sites. I am talking about the virtual relationships that are pen-pal like  . . .  a relationship based solely on words or pictures. You met through the internet somehow and now you communicate sometimes daily via text, email, or through social media and have never met nor may never meet in person.

JUST BEWARE!! You don’t know who is on the other end of that communication. The profile may be fake, the pictures may be fake, because the person is fake. There are people who make their living playing on your emotions while robbing you out of your money and sanity! Not everyone is truthful nor looking out for your best interest. It is their job to deceive, lie, and steal all you have and then move on to the next victim!

Time To Elevate Or Eliminate Your Relationships!


Human beings can live at different levels of consciousness. Some strive toward a higher state of consciousness than a life focused on material concerns and are aware of the divine will and purpose. Some recognize the forces that influence us and our communities, and dedicate those mental and spiritual powers to building a new world. Yet others are only concern with material concerns.

A major challenge in relationships is  . . . each individual reaching higher and higher levels of consciousness. And each person increasing their knowledge to reflect on, analyze, and apply to their reality.  Your relationship with others are greatly affected by your own efforts and the examples you set! The power of thought and expression are important and nurturing them is equally vital to the expansion of consciousness.

The power of thought is revealed through vocal expression. And talk about fears and anxieties, materialism, prejudices and animosity are obstacles that only distract you. Some relationships are intended to dominate or seduce you to someone else’s wishes and demands  . . . impeding your power of expression. Use your ability to resist and eliminate such forces and look for healthy relationships. Healthy relationships become channels for the flow of the powers of the human spirit. You will be able to scale to greater and greater heights of excellence.

Establish A Deep Bond With Our Youth!


The hardest time of my life was when I was a teenager.  I lived with a strict single mother until her death when I was 15. After her death, no other adult, including my father, cared about my well-being. By age 18, I tried to commit suicide several times  . . . fortunately, I was unsuccessful. When I became an adult, I vowed to always encourage and assist young people whenever and wherever possible.

If young people are to be assisted in applying fruitfully their emerging powers, it is essential to avoid treating them in ways to prolong their childhood or encourage them to imitate a version of superficial adulthood. They have an increased sense of awareness of their place in the world, especially the relationship with both peers and adults. Their power of analysis becomes stronger and they may begin to question much of what they were taught. They also see the contradictions in the world that had previously gone unnoticed.

They are not as willing as before to follow automatically the standards set by adults. The social environment, particularly the conduct of adults, is largely responsible for many of the undesirable traits that are associated with teenagers. For example, the irresponsible attitude towards marriage and the consequent rising tide of divorce; the weakening of family solidarity and progressive slackening of parental control, the pursuit of earthly riches and pleasures, patriotic arrogance, and the deterioration in the standard of literature and of the press.

What can be done is to offer young people an environment in which their powers can be nurtured and that they are influenced by appropriate social forces!  Trying to isolate them entirely from harmful social conditions, just leaves them ignorant. Every effort has to be made to enable them to assess and analyze the world around them. And the focus is the realization of their potential to act as determined agents of social transformation and to contribute to the betterment of the world.

Monthly Affirmation ~ August


WHAT relationships in your life can you do with or without?

Relationships can be between lovers, friends, family, co-workers, the workplace, an organization, or God. As an individual, you must decide which relationships are important to nurture and enhance. Then get rid of the relationships that add no value. Start thinking now of the relationships to keep or delete.

Open your circle to those you can depend on for comfort, truth, and love.  Keep in touch with those who can affirm and confirm what you are experiencing or witnessing. Close your circle to those who represent gossip, lies, and drama.

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