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Are You . . . Off Course?


You start off on the right course . . .  and then, the “seed of doubt” is planted in your mind. After that  . . . the “seed of negativity” is whispered in your ears. And then . . . the “seed of fear” is created to hinder your forward movements. Now you are “off-balance.” Off balance simply means unsteady. You don’t know what to expect and you are not prepared. When your equilibrium is off, it is easy to get off-balance and fall.

But when there is a balance of mental steadiness and emotional stability, along with a habit of calm behaviors . . . you can remain on course. How? By hesitating before making decisions or speaking, by considering all aspects of the equation, and by striving to advance or progress in a forward moving direction. Remaining on course is a continuous progression from one point in time to another.

Staying on course is something you must follow, pursue, and sometimes chase. It is also essential to remember that to stay on course, you must remain humble. It is the route or direction where you maximize your powers and talents. It is a mode or action that is most beneficial to you and others. You must be willing to stay on course  . . . no matter how far off course it may seem! 


Don’t Confuse “Love” With “Love!”

Positive- Ghandi

When the young child asks the question about where babies come from, and the first response, other than the stork story is, “when two people love each other . . . blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!” The child eventually grows up to learn the real story, “when two people have sex . . . blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!” Now as an adult, he or she knows where babies come from . . .  but what about love?

Love refers to a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection (“I love that person”) to pleasure (“I loved that meal”). It can refer to an emotion or attraction (“I love my job or career”). It can also be a virtue representing human kindness and compassion (“I love children, animals, the poor”). (Wikipedia)

Love is a power that you can choose to share or not. Love is so powerful that you can choose who or what to love, whether it is good for you or not. Have you ever seen a man who did not love his own actions? Even though they be bad actions, he loves them. This man is a man with the spiritual side of his nature still undeveloped. If he is selfish, the evil is not in his love of self—all love, even self-love, is good. The evil is that he has such a poor, inadequate, misguided love of self and such a lack of love for others and for God. He looks upon himself as only a superior sort of animal, and foolishly pampers his physical wants and needs. 

Know thou that in every age and dispensation all divine ordinances are changed and transformed according to the requirement of the time, except the law of love, which, like a fountain, always flows and is never overtaken by change. ~Bahá’u’lláh


Don’t Go Backwards!

Don't Look Backwards2

When you go backwards, you relinquish your powers. How?. . . you ask, I will tell you. When you go backwards, you go back to familiarity. There are no new challenges, just the same challenges from before. When you go forward, you are in unfamiliar territory, with new challenges. When you go backwards, you tell the same old unsatisfied stories. When you move forward, the stories are new and exciting.

When you go backwards, everything about you reveals how you surrendered your powers. When you push forward, everything about you reveals how you are maximizing your powers. Looking ahead pushes you to new levels and possibilities. Looking back brings up bad memories, feelings, or mistakes. The only good thing about looking backwards is learning not to bring it into the future. 

Always continue to spiritually grow and improve. Show people the “new” you. Don’t go backwards to the “old” you, where people take all you have to give and you have nothing left for yourself. Don’t go backwards to the person that everyone wants you to be. Step into the future, use your powers, and be the person that God intended you to be.

Don’t Become a Useless Soul!

Stop being conscious of your frailties,

The immortal human soul is endowed with two means of perception. One is effected through instrumentality, the other, independently. For instance, the soul sees through the instrumentality of the eye, hears with the ear, smells through the nostrils and grasps objects with the hands. These are the actions, powers, or operations of the soul through instruments.

But in the world of dreams . . .  the soul sees when the eyes are closed. The soul journeys, perceives, and senses. It often happens that a man in a state of wakefulness is not been able to accomplish the solution of a problem, and when he goes to sleep, he reaches the solution in a dream. 

Perhaps the reason why you have not accomplished what you envisioned is the extent you look upon your own weaknesses and inabilities. It is important to remember to disregard your own handicaps and lay your whole reliance upon God. He will come to your help if you only arise and become an active channel for God’s grace. This is the reason why so many competent souls suddenly find themselves absolutely powerless, ineffective, and thrown aside by the Spirit of their Faith as useless souls. Stay on alert to have the Will of God operate through you!

Monthly Affirmation ~ March


WHAT are you doing with your powers?

Only you can prevent the drama in your life.  You have the power to choose how you will react in every situation you encounter.  Focus on the attributes and spiritual gifts that God has given you.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses and thank God for both!

Watch out when you put your powers into action. You will excel in all tasks.  Like a superhero you can accomplish all things with minimum stress and maximum success by using your God-given powers.  

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