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The Mirror on Your Wall!


If the mirror on your wall could speak . . . what would it say? Will the mirror say that you smile at it everyday, or will the mirror say you are always “grumpy” . . . even on your birthday? Will your mirror “call you out” and tell secrets that you dare to share with anyone? Or will your mirror compliment you on a  “job well done”?

Maybe your mirror will tell about family, visitors, and friends it saw and the way you treated them. Maybe the mirror heard awful conversations about you from these people. Maybe the mirror heard praises about how they felt loved, how they felt welcomed, how great the food was, or how beautiful the place was, etc. Maybe the mirror will tell that no ever visits and you have no interaction with others.

Would your mirror speak of your kindness, understanding, and generosity or would it speak of your selfishness, envy, and unhappiness? Would your mirror say it barely sees you complain or would it say you are in its face all day . . .  whining? Would your mirror say you accept the truth or would it say you cover things up? Would your mirror say that it feels like a confidant or would it say it does not know you at all? How would the mirror on your wall critique you? 


Utilizing the Resources Within You!

This month’s positive affirmation is about the characteristics that make up your powers. If you are humble and loyal, but shy, no one will know your powers. And if you are humble and loyal, but aggressive, no one will want to know you! There will be times in life when outside forces can bring no help. It will be all up to you. Below are some resources within yourself to use or tap into to become even more powerful than you are today.

  • Self-Love – Without love of self, it will be impossible to love others … and God for creating you. You have to see the beauty within yourself in order to appreciate all beauty.
  • Self-Confidence –  You must maintain belief and trust in yourself in whatever you chose to do. You must also reassure others that you can do it.
  • Self Awareness – You must let go of all pride and ego. You have to “check” yourself on a regular basis. This includes your health, your attitude, and finances, etc.
  • Self-Improvement – This should be a continuous process until you leave this earth . . . enough said!
  • Self-Esteem –Unless you value and respect yourself . . . no one else will. Know your self-worth, and know that no one can take that from you. Your appearance will also play a daily role.

A most praiseworthy characteristic of those who walk humbly is their willingness to learn and a positive attitude. Try to free yourself of self-imposed limitations in opportunities to acquire insight and knowledge. And constantly strive to develop qualities that will help your powers become increasingly effective.

Monthly Affirmation ~ February


WHAT characteristics make up your powers?

Love God with all of your mind, heart, soul and strength.  Know that power comes from God.  Ask God to show you how you can serve others using your powers and step back and watch opportunities appear.

Spend time in prayer. Prayer is the key to your powers. Use your keys to open doors and discover new treasures. Use your third eye to look beyond the surface to the deeper person inside you.

The third eye is your connection to God as well.  The Third Eye is not blinded by falsehood, seeks the truth, is not of this world, and perfects hearts.

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