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Step Before You Leap!

I leave you with words of encouragement this last day of the month. The positive affirmation for January is about preparing for tomorrow, being honest to yourself, controlling what you can control, and new beginnings. The first step is not the hardest, although it may seem that way. It will be the remaining steps that will carry the innumerable challenges and obstacles.

Those remaining steps will require time, research, patience, understanding, and wisdom. Each step will bring you a step closer to your tomorrow! It may be a slow process, and sometimes it may seem impossible to accomplish, but with faith and determination . . .  nothing is impossible!

You don’t have to prove to anyone that you are on the fast track! No need starting off sprinting, save that energy for the last lap. Keep a steady pace and breathe, before you know it . . . you are at the finish line. You, (literally and figuratively), have to crawl before you can walk. Walk before you can run. Run before you can leap. So please, step before you leap into anything . . . including relationships!

“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.” ~Old Chinese Proverb


Let God Guide and Direct You!


It is evident, everyday, that many things are out of our control. The weather, other people, and situations. Our present civilization is out of control . . . through forces it neither understands nor can control. Only God has absolute control over His creations as well as perfect and complete knowledge of it.

All you can control is yourself and how you will respond!  Based on your attitude which stems from your culture, your upbringing, your memories, your experiences, and your spiritual qualities. Striving for conscious change of attitude do not occur without effort. Will and desire are not created by intellectual discussion, it is through deep and profound reflection by each individual to look within themselves. 

There will be many obstacles in your way as you strive to maintain control. You may be shy, fearful to speak or act, you may find it difficult to express your thoughts, but you will gradually overcome if you understand to give freely of that which is most dear to you . . . control!

Is it Possible to Lie to Yourself?


Is it Possible to Lie to Yourself? This was a question that was a part of a study circle that I tutor with my daughter and her friend.  I gave an emphatic “no”. My daughter’s friend who is 12 years old said “yes”. And then went on to explain that it is possible, people do it every day and gave an example. 

I sat dumbfounded for a minute thinking about the question again. And agreed with her answer only because of the word “possible.” I guess “it is possible.” The concept of lying was beaten out of me as a young child by my mother when I told my first lie to her.  I didn’t lie to others due to fear of my mom getting the belt. But to lie to yourself, this seemed impossible to me. How do you do that?  . . . Especially to yourself!

But as my daughter’s friend explained, people do it everyday. Honesty is not a virtue everyone possesses. People live the lie they tell themselves and expect others to believe in it. They lie to themselves about their unhappy marriages, their unruly children, their money situation, their health, their weight, their future, even their attitude. But who are they hurting . . . themselves!

The goal is to be honest to yourself! It will be highly rewarding and you should make every effort to do so. Without this realization, you will feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and you will abandon any attempt to the truth.

New Beginnings to You!

Happy New Beginnings to You!

If you are reading this post . . . “Happy New Beginnings to You!” Traditionally, in this country we say, “Happy New Year to You.” The day represents the end of one year and the start of another. People make resolutions that last until Jan 31st and then it’s tax time.

I say “New Beginnings to You” because it seems more powerful. The word beginning means emergence, the initial start, a point in time for brand new opportunities and possibilities. These are action words! The word new means to make a fresh start, changing for the better, coming into knowledge, never existing before. These are action words too!

The positive affirmation for this month is about goals and how you are preparing. Having a new perspective is a good start. It may be a new year but the same old issues are still there. A positive outlook in a negative situation or environment can only benefit you. It may force you to take advantage of other options, it might alert you to make changes, or judge for yourself is it worth it.

My point is every day you wake up is a new beginning. Every day you are blessed to see . . .  can bring a new start.  Things you didn’t or couldn’t do or haven’t started can begin. The dreams and goals you pushed aside can emerge again. Each day brings new hope and possibilities, but only you can take advantage of it!

Monthly Affirmation ~ January

WHAT have you done today in preparation for tomorrow?

Stop waiting until the end of the year to begin setting goals.  Begin now, one day at a time with a positive affirming monthly theme and weekly goal. Concentrate on the daily tasks that you must accomplish.  List the things you need to do to get them finished.  Do it now, do not procrastinate, and check off each item you complete.  Review your list often to assist in keeping you on track. In this first month start implementing the three techniques emphasized: 

  • Positive Affirmation: Trust God in ALL situations
  • Goal Setting: Goals can be big or small, few or many
  • Action: DOING leads you toward your goals
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