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Are You Making Progress?

slow progress

“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.” ~Old Chinese Proverb

Progress is the result of action.The action may be physical, like running a marathon, losing weight, or earning a degree.  The action may be emotional, like crying because of the death of a loved one, ending a relationship, or dealing with health issues. Progress is not always immediate, but you must keep moving forward.

Movement is essential to all existence. All material things progress to a certain point, then begin to decline. This is the law which governs the whole physical creation. Everything of importance in this world demands the close attention of its seeker. The one in pursuit of anything must undergo difficulties and hardships until the object in view is attained and the great success is obtained!

Motion being compulsory everything must either go forward or retreat. Growth through struggle and suffering will occur. You will need to understand and accept that suffering and self-sacrifice are essential components of achieving material or intellectual progress. So don’t give up . . . keep moving! Slow movement is better than no movement. And slow progress is still  . . . progress. 


You Can’t Do it Alone!


There are goals in life you want to accomplish, but you can’t do it alone, you need assistance. You need encouragement, you need resources. Those resources may include people who can make it happen or money that can get it done. Both may seem beyond your reach. But what about the everyday accomplishments when a single mother can put her children to bed, clean and fed. When a family pulls together after losing their home to the bank or to mother nature . . . isn’t that accomplishment too? 

Love is an accomplishment. You can’t do love alone. It requires more than one entity! Love between two people, love between a parent and a child, love among family and friends. We are to believe that success is the only accomplishment worth obtaining. But it isn’t so. God’s eternal love is the ultimate goal and accomplishment. You must be ever conscious of this love which protects and sustains you.

In moments of difficulty or ease, of sadness or joy, God’s love is the continual assistance, encouragement and resource you will need. From this love, a Covenant was established. In the Covenant, God’s part has always been fulfilled. But how can you make sure that you accomplish your part? All that is required is to recognize the Manifestations of God and submit to God’s Will. The purpose of your life is to know and worship God. You must remain constant, steadfast, and firm in God because you can’t do it alone!

You CAN Get It Done!

AccomplishmentThe verb for the month is action. The sensation you get from action is accomplishment. The feeling of accomplishment is a wonderful feeling. You learn something through the experience and it is something that you can classify as “done”!

When it is done. You have more “brain space” to accomplish something else. I was fortunate within this last year to launch a book with Elaine (actually it is a monthly pocket planner), and record two songs with my son who is a music producer. Both of these goals took at least 15 years to accomplish. My son was 10 years old when I originally wrote the lyrics. He was younger than that when Elaine and I decided to be the co-founders of W.H.A.T.!™. But now, both of these goals are done . . . checked off as accomplished!

To get something accomplished is never easy, it may take years, there may be obstacles, and plenty of grief. But once it is done, it is done! You might enhance, change, or improve it. But once it is accomplished, it is accomplished! So gather up some courage, confidence, faith, and perseverance. And always remember to trust in your Supreme Being to know that goals you deferred for years can be “done”!

It is never too late to accomplish a goal. You have to be determined enough to finish it and see it through. If you don’t, then who will? If not you, then who? Find your “I can’t … it’s impossible … it’s too late … I’m too old” list, and check off those goals as accomplished!

You Can’t Talk Your Way Out Of This!


Back in January, the positive affirmation for the month was about setting and accomplishing goals for the year. It is now . . . September . . . talk is over, it is time for some action! You can talk a good game about how busy you were or how much you worked.  Truth be told, how much of that time was spent accomplishing goals and bringing those goals to fruition.

It starts with the actions you take and the attitude you bring. Before you know it another year will have went by and all you did was talk about it. Goals are good to set, but with no action, it is just talk! Remember, only you can do what you need to do!

This is the time to find your balance. The balance between what you are destined to do and what actually needs to be done daily. The balance to find time within any given day to go outside and enjoy nature, get pampered with a facial or massage (men too), read a book, watch a movie, or just play X-Box 360 (women too). The balance to make the time to finish or even start those projects where you live. The balance to find time to keep in touch with people who truly care about you.

The balance to find the courage to bring that one-of-a-kind gift to this world. A gift that only you can bring. It may be music or even the lyrics, a book, movie script, medicine, a cure. It could be a new educational design to educate our children for the future. The gift might be as simple as the difference you make in a person’s life, by the words you speak or the actions you do!

Monthly Affirmation ~ September


WHAT are you doing?

Sometimes other people will interfere in our lives because they have plans of their own.  Sometimes we let other people interfere in our lives because we do not have any plans of our own.  Either way, you should plan the route you want to follow. 

You decide how you will spend your time and energy. The electric company bills you for how often your meter is running.  How much are you willing to pay for investing in others and not yourself? Remember what you have to do and stay focused on your goals.

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