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Your First, Last, and Final Relationship!


The positive affirmation for August is relationships in this world (realm) that are important to you. Without this type of relationship you can never truly find peace. Without this special bond, you could never truly know unconditional love. Without this most beautiful covenant, that I am about to explain, you will never truly experience eternal joy!

Many people live their lives without ever reflecting on life itself or its meaning for them. Their lives may be full of activities. They may marry, have children, run a business, become successful, or become scientists, teachers, or musicians, without ever obtaining any degree of understanding of why they do these things. Their lives have no overall purpose to give meaning to separate events! They have no clear idea of their own nature or identity, and of who they really are!

Cultivation of life’s spiritual side has benefits!!! First, the individual increasingly develops those innate qualities that lie at the foundation of human happiness and social progress. Such qualities include faith, courage, love, compassion, trustworthiness and humility. As these qualities are increasingly manifest, society as a whole advances.

It is only in relation to the Creator, and the purpose which that Creator has fixed for His creatures, that human existence has any meaning.  If there were no Creator, if humans were simply chance products of a thermodynamic system, as many in the world today would lead you to believe, there would be no purpose in life. Each individual human being would represent the temporary material existence of a conscious animal trying to move through his or her brief life with as much pleasure and as little pain and suffering as possible.

The ultimate aim in life of every human soul should be to attain moral and spiritual excellence. To align one’s inner being and outward behavior with the will of an all-loving Creator. That each individual has been bestowed with a unique destiny by God. A destiny which unfolds in accordance with the free exercise of the choices and opportunities presented in life. In particular, it is through the moral exercise of our divinely conferred free will that opportunities are provided for spiritual advancement. 

The soul animates the body and distinguishes human beings from the animals. It grows and develops only through the individual’s relationship with God, as mediated by His Messengers. This type of relationship is strengthened through prayer, knowledge of the scriptures revealed by His Teachers, love for God, moral self-discipline, and service to humanity. 

The evolution or development of the soul and its capacities is the basic purpose of human existence. This evolution is towards God and its motive force is knowledge of God and love for Him. As we learn about God, our love for Him increases; and this, in turn, enables us to attain a closer covenant with our Creator. Also, as we draw closer to God, our character becomes more refined and our actions reflect more and more the attributes and qualities of God.


Rules of The Game!

Game of Life

This week’s goal is to think about your relationship with life and the lessons you have learned or are learning. No matter the game you chose to play, it is not enough to just know the rules, you must understand the rules of that game and your opponent.

Chess players know that strategy is key. And if one wrong move is made they can be “checked” by their opponent. Texas Hold’em poker players know that their opponent may be bluffing, but it might come down to the last card. Even in Chutes and Ladders, you are moving up the ladder and the next spin, you are back down the chute.

If you are playing the “Game of Life” . . . you are expected to go to school and graduate. Then you are to marry, raise a family, pay for school, pay bills, and wait for paydays. Even if all you want to do is play Solitaire, you might get frustrated because most of the time it is impossible to solve and takes patience.

No matter the game, remember there is always an objective!

Something that one’s efforts or actions are intended to attain or accomplish while playing. Which is the purpose of life to feel good about yourself after the game  . . . knowing that you did not lie, cheat, nor intentionally injure anyone else just to win.  And that you played the best game that you could possibly play!

Have You Thought of This Type of Relationship?

English: Love Book - The Top 50 Most Trusted E...

This month’s affirmation is about important relationships to you. The point also, is to get you to think about any possible relationship that can exist in this world (realm) and its importance to you.

One such relationship is the one between the heart and mind. When the two are having a great relationship . . . all is well! But when they are in disagreement  … WATCH OUT!! That’s when you realize that your existence is based solely on the type of relationship the two of them have!

It could be a dysfunctional relationship where the heart and mind lie to each other about the truth. The heart makes decisions based on emotions only, no facts included, and the mind offers no logic. Or maybe the mind makes a logical decision with the facts, but puts no heart in it. Either way, this doesn’t work.

Your body reacts with all kind of mixed emotions, endless thoughts, and physical or mental illnesses. When this happens you have to become the therapist for the heart and mind so that they can reconcile their differences. They must be in congruence, they are life-long partners.  They can’t always be happy, but they must always work together! If one of them is successful at sabotaging the other … it is to your destruction!!!

It is up to you to get them back together, engaged, and happily married. So that the three of you can have the type of relationship where the heart and mind are in sync. Where decisions are based on facts, logic, and heart. And build a place where the body and soul can come feel welcomed!

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Are You A Blocker? Do You Know One?

Garden Of Eden

Garden Of Eden (Photo credit: ihave3kids)

Are you blocking your own blessings by doubt, fear, anger, ego, jealousy? Do you need to be the center of attention, are you full of drama, do you truly listen to others when they talk, or are you one of those who don’t appreciate what you already have?

If not . . . great , but I know you know someone who is. This is the person that keeps you or someone you know from the “task-at-hand”. Human nature has not changed since the beginning of humanity. Eve did not realize that the snake was a . . .”snake.” She could not comprehend that she would one day give birth, raise two sons to love each other, and that one would kill his brother. 

Just as sure as there are sunsets and full moons, there will always be someone who will gladly take what you have or love. It does not matter if it is money, loved ones, worldly possessions, identity, virginity, integrity, or beliefs. It is their human nature to destroy you by all means possible.  Unfortunately, it is a slow process over a period of time. The most unfortunate part is that you know the person  . . . personally, intimately, or by blood.

It is okay to be stupid and not see someone for who they truly are … that is human nature. It is NOT okay to be “stuck on stupid.” That’s when everyone else see all the red flags but you. But instead of sticking around for the five-minute “don’t do it” speech, you make your decision. No matter the decision right or wrong, you learn from that life lesson or experience and hopefully (hopefully) you move on.

This is the time to re-evaluate the people you give too much credit to that don’t deserve it! You must also appreciate those you don’t give enough credit too . . . including yourself! And remember, don’t let anyone (anyone) block your blessings . . . including yourself!

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Monthly Affirmation ~ August


WHAT relationships in your life can you do with or without?

Relationships can be between lovers, friends, family, co-workers, the workplace, an organization, or God. As an individual, you must decide which relationships are important to nurture and enhance. Then get rid of the relationships that add no value. Start thinking now of the relationships to keep or delete.

Open your circle to those you can depend on for comfort, truth, and love.  Keep in touch with those who can affirm and confirm what you are experiencing or witnessing. Close your circle to those who represent gossip, lies, and drama.

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