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Dollar by Dollar

English: Many dollar banknotes.

Here is some food for thought. Money is just a resource to obtain other resources.  Yeah, I said it!   We give “money” too much power. I know we have to live somewhere, use utilities (depending on the continent), and sustain. But if all you are trying to do is make the dollar to obtain the resources just to sustain . . . then keep reading.

Barter and Trade– the most under-appreciated practice of commerce. There was a time when one could exchange a service for goods. Now you need cash. Bring this practice back wherever possible. 

Put thought into the gift– the most under-appreciated practice of gift giving. There’s nothing worst than to receive an expensive gift that you don’t like and be indebted to the giver. Love is not expensive . . . Hollywood makes it look that way.

Shop at your local farmer’s market– the most under-appreciated place to shop for food. Your dollar will stretched further than at your local supermarket for fresh produce items such as fruits and vegetables.  You also get a larger and fresher variety of produce to choose from. 

Shop Early– Father’s Day is the most under-appreciated day in the history of holidays. There are no advertisements (unless you want to buy him that Hanes t-shirt with no tag). No early bird specials, no deals . . . nothing. Yeah, go ahead and say it, you have to spend more for Mother’s Day because it’s Mom. But there are also good men, husbands, and fathers who should also feel special on their day. These are the men everyday making dollar by dollar to get the resources so their families can sustain. Remember it takes 46 chromosomes (23 from each parent) to create life.  So give dads their credit too!

Put money in its proper class . . .  a resource. Without it, you still survive. With it, you still survive. The people who truly love you and your freedom are more valuable than any dollar amount. Money comes and goes . . .  but you only get one life to figure that out!


What Will It Cost YOU?


No-Cost (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Below are a few more things to think about when it comes to keeping your money in your pocket a little longer. The DON’Ts about what you should do with your own money, no matter how little. It is very important to consider “what will it cost you in the long run  . . . and is it worth it?

W.H.A.T.!™ DON’Ts to consider:

  • DON’T go to the emergency room, unless it is an emergency. Preventive maintenance on your body is more important than the 3,000 – 5,000 mile maintenance check you do for your vehicle, yet people seldom do it. For those with insurance, get your annual physical exam and take advantage of your 6 month dental cleaning.  These two visits will cost you less than a more serious visit and may find a health issue that could cost you in the long run. Is it worth it? Heck yeah!
  • DON’T put all your trust in just one health care provider.  You have to advocate for your own health. Filling and refilling prescriptions that you don’t need cost and doctor visits bills that are unnecessary pile up. Be open to alternative options, second opinions, and natural medicines. History moment– 100 years ago everyone was born at home. Remember the health care industry is still relative new compared to all of humanity. So DON’T laugh when an elder tells you to mix ginger root and talcum powder.
  • DON’T get scammed. You have to be vigilant everyday, people ready to con or scam you are everywhere! There are those out there ready to profit from other’s pain, fortune or misfortune. Fake contractors, fake donation organizations, fake investors, fake relatives, fake victims, etc. will surface from the natural disasters that have or will happen. Please DON’T fall for it!
  • DON’T take out a payday loan, don’t rent to own, and don’t pay high interest on credit cards or items that you DON’T need or can’t afford. You will never catch up, it is modern-day sharecropping, you will always be in debt.
  • DON’T give your money away to anyone who will not repay you. This is important advice to you if you are a giver. Always giving without looking for anything in return.  And that is exactly what you get back . . . NOTHING!  When you are in need . . . you only get excuses, so just keep your money in your pocket! 
  • DON’T be ungrateful for what you do have, how little it may be. Many can testify or tell you a story about when everything they owned or loved was taken away. So be thankful because in the blink of an eye it can all be gone. What can it cost you if you DON’T appreciate what you got . . . EVERYTHING!

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Make Your Money Last Longer

Money (magazine)

Money (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the summer months approaching, the pressure is on.  Money being spent for graduations, weddings, baby showers, summer camp, vacations, etc. Those with children have to keep them entertained because they are out of school. If you have students in college, they are coming home to eat up your food.

Some are not as fortunate, as storms or natural disasters have or will take everything from them.  They have to overcome the devastation and relocate or rebuild. There are children that the summer brings pressure because they will be hungry without the school breakfast and lunch each day. As well as those employees in education, who don’t make the same income during the summer months.

No matter your situation, here are a few tips to help make your money stay a little longer in your pocket, under your mattress, or in your bank:

  • Don’t pay the retail price for anything . . . PLEASE!!!- see May 6th post below     “Are You Paying Retail? Really!
  • Some movie theaters have summer deals. Certain days and times are free or at a very low-cost. If you work at a company that have discounted tickets, take advantage . . .  if not, then go during the matinée hours, it cost about the same.
  • If you are travelling this summer, be flexible and leave on a day that is cheaper than the day you WANT to leave.  If driving, make sure your vehicle has the oil changed, tires checked, etc.  It cost more when you are stuck on the road.
  • Some luxury hotels have summer deals for great prices. You will be able to enjoy the amenities without paying for it.
  • If you are staying at home, make sure you get the air conditioning, swamp cooler, or fan checked now before it gets too hot.  If you call for service, the prices are much higher and the staff limited.
  • If you are fortunate enough to donate . . .please do!  There are many causes out there that will appreciate the time, the item, or the money given.

In these instances, you can look like the HERO and make your money last longer at the same time.  Do YOU have examples? Please do share!

Are You Paying Retail? REALLY!

Forex Money for Exchange in Currency Bank

It is amazing to me how people find enjoyment in sharing the “retail price”‘ they paid for an object.  You see it everyday, someone bragging about an expensive car, yacht, or home they purchased.  Those with little to no money will brag about the shoes, sneakers, clothes, or a purse they just bought for the full retail price.

I find pleasure in how much money I saved for a purchase.  When I receive a compliment on anything . . . I could just say “Thank You”, but no, I have to share that I paid 90% less than the actual retail price.

My point is why pay retail if you don’t have to.  If you are a college student, apply for financial aid, scholarships, and grants.  REALLY!!! I helped create and award scholarships and it is unfortunate every year that the money just sits there.  Nationally, millions of dollars for higher education is waiting to be given away.

If you stay-at-home or are unemployed, recycling items around the house can be used to make something old . . . new again . . . it requires time not money. Or gather those things for a garage sale or donation.

You can save money by cooking at home.  Prepare your meals to take with you to work.  Learn new recipes, cook from scratch, cut out those fast food meals which will eventually cost you in dollars and pounds. Make your own coffee or tea, unless you own stocks and bonds in those companies.

Most stores have coupons available through newspaper or online . . . Use them! When you go to a store ask about any discounts, coupons, or price matching. Shop off-season, buy your winter clothes when it is hot and your summer clothes when it is cold. It might sound funny, but you can laugh your way to the bank and deposit the money you saved by not paying retail!

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Monthly Affirmation ~ May


WHAT are you doing with your money?

Many people believe that they only need more money in their lives to be happy, but most of us cannot budget the money we are earning right now.  Create a workable budget and stick to it.  

Devise a savings plan for a desired possession.  Set aside funds for emergencies and unexpected circumstances.  Plan for retirement and the future.  Tithe.

Don’t let your money manage you . . .  manage your money!  

Take a class, hire a financial consultant, talk to a financial planner, or research for yourself about money management.  Get control of your finances and watch your resources multiply.  

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