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Freedom . . . Priceless!

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So few people really get a true understanding of what freedom feels like.  Most associate freedom with slavery or oppression from tyrants. But the truth is freedom is a state of mind as well as a state of being.

For example, employees can’t be honest about their wages, the boss or work conditions.   When they speak the truth, they are considered whistle blowers     . . . correct?

Maybe you are in a marriage or relationship where you don’t have the freedom to be YOU.  Or in a family where tradition or culture rules not the free will of the individual.  Perhaps you feel you are in a situation that you will never escape. That’s the freedom that I am talking about:

  • the freedom to do what’s right when no one is looking
  • the freedom to feel free, no strings attached
  • the freedom to try something new
  • the freedom to change what’s expected

Freedom is when you can choose and seek the truth for yourself. The ability to be comfortable in your own skin . . . and make no apologies for it. Freedom to reinvent yourself, no matter your age. Freedom to take risks, to continuously grow & learn, and to expand your mind to new capacities.

Be Free!

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Praying and Thinking of You

She said what many are talking about and going through. . . healing! There’s nothing left for me to add except the following prayer: O God! We are weak, give us strength. We are poor, bestow upon us Thine illimitable treasures. We are sick, grant us Thy divine healing. We are powerless, give us Thy heavenly power. O Lord! make us useful in this world, free from the condition of self and desire. . . . ~`Abdu’l Bahá


In my experience, I have seen numerous events like 9/11 attacks that have caused the nation to grieve, and in time recover and find healing and peace. Nothing will ever compare to it. But this past week has been overwhelming. To see and hear breaking news reports every day has taken its toll on many, including me. It has been a dramatic, draining week. With news reports that have either startled or disturbed me. It is has been devastating.

It began on Monday with the Boston marathon explosion and as a result of the deadly attacks, three people were killed and 176 wounded. Then there was news of a poisoned letter sent to the President, the Texas fertilizer plant explosion that killed at least 14 people and parts of a community is now missing, and a powerful earthquake in China that killed 156 people and 5,500 injured with a number…

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Pray For Boston

O Thou Divine Providence, preserve and protect us! O Thou Who art our Shield, save us and defend us! Keep us beneath Thy Shelter, and by Thy Help save us from all ills. Thou art, indeed, the True Protector, the Unseen Guardian, the Celestial Preserver, and the Heavenly Loving Lord. ~`Abdu’l Bahá

Who is Listening?


The positive affirmation for the month is what are you talking about?  But the real question for you to ask yourself is “who is listening”?

Are you the recipient of one-sided conversations? At work, at home, with family or friends; always there to listen to someone else. But when it is time for you to tell someone about your happiness … are they happy for you? When times are bad… are they there to console you?                                                   

Probably not! Because they were not listening to you.

Meaningful conversations have benefits. Benefits that include building and fostering meaningful relationships, a sounding board for new ideas or decisions, the ability to speak openly and honestly, and most importantly . . . changes how we see the world around us.

Although conversations happen everyday of your life, almost half of them are meaningless. Meaningful conversations can make a big difference to the quality of your life.  Ask yourself . . . are those conversations worth your time? How much time can you save by eliminating meaningless conversations on a daily basis? Think of all the free time you can have doing something else.

If you are a great listener . . . find someone to talk to! If you are a great talker  . . .  start listening!                                                     

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Monthly Affirmation ~ April


WHAT are you talking about?

Make your daily conversations meaningful.  Measure how much these conversations are worth and the benefit to you. Often these conversations are just a way to distract you from what you need to be doing.  Do not fill your hours and days with conversations that are not positive and uplifting.  Communication is important.  Say what you mean and mean what you say. 

Demand the same from others who want you to listen to them.  Ask them to clarify what they are talking about.  Rephrase what you think they mean to eliminate misunderstandings.  Talk about your goals and dreams, not about current events and other people.  Small minds talk about people.  Average minds talk about events.  Great minds talk about ideas. 

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