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Be Honest To Yourself!


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“Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value”                          . . . ~Bahá’u’lláh

Think about that! What are some of the gems that you possess?  Consider virtues within yourself such as love and kindness, justice, truthfulness, integrity, sincerity, etc.  What about the capacities of your human mind? Its power to discover the world of nature, art, music, literature, technology, etc.

The theme for this month is realizing your capacities and capabilities.  Each one of us is a unique creation endowed with his or her own talents and powers. It is essential that you become increasingly conscious of the meaning and significance of what you are doing with your powers while you can still breathe life.

As this consciousness emerges . . .  you will see YOURSELF  . . . as the active, responsible, and accountable “owner” of your own life!


Did You Know?

Did you know

Self Mentoring

The positive affirmation for this month is about your powers.  Keep reflecting on the powers that you have and how you are using them.  Sometimes we wait for someone else to affirm our powers by a promotion, a marriage proposal, a congratulations or a thank you.  But you have the power to believe in yourself without any further confirmation!

Do you ever tell the person in the mirror you love and value them?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Is that really a power?
Do you ever smile back at that person in the mirror?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I have the power to do that?
Do you ever tell yourself  “job well done”?
  • Yes
  • No
  • What a great concept!
Do you wait for others to confirm your greatness?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t I suppose to?
Do you love YOU?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I can do that?

Monthly Affirmation ~ March


WHAT are you doing with your powers?

Only you can prevent the drama in your life.  You have the power to choose how you will react in every situation you encounter.  Focus on the gifts and talents that God has given you. 

Identify your strengths and weaknesses and thank God for both!

Watch out when you put your powers into action. You will excel in all tasks.  Like a superhero you can accomplish all things with minimum stress and maximum success by using your God-given powers.  

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