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It’s Almost February!

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As we come to the last weekend of the first month of a new year, the common theme is  . . . “time sure went by fast.”  That it did!  Whether you were productive or not, time moved on.  And not to rub it in, but February starts next week.

The positive affirmation for this month “What have you done today in preparation for tomorrow?”  Well, what have YOU done? If your answer is work-related and you can list several things you accomplished or completed at work . . . KUDOS to you, but that doesn’t count.

What personal goals did you set or accomplish, whether few or many, big or small.  If you did not set any goals, that’s fine too, but realized that just as fast as one month went by so will the next month.

Goal setting and action are bad words to some people because of the pressure. Here’s an easy goal:  If you work, leave early one day (guilt-free) to spend time with your children, family, or friends? Then turn the TV and cell phone off and actually influence or be influenced! . . . it’s free.

Here’s another one: Put yourself first.  Maybe you want quiet alone time, take it (guilt-free) to hear your inner thoughts.  Go outside and enjoy the scenery God has created for you regardless of where you live . . . it’s free.

Take more trips. Laugh more. Love more.


Self-compassion is your greatest source of str...

Self-compassion is your greatest source of strength (Photo credit: wildphotons)

Nine Strategies Successful People Use to Overcome Stress

This is a really great blog I had to share by Dr. Heidi Grant Halvorson on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network.  She is Associate Director for the Motivation Science Center at the Columbia University Business School and author of Nine Things Successful People Do Differently and Focus: Use Different Ways of Seeing the World to Power Influence and Success.

The first item on her list is to have self-compassion. I couldn’t agree more that’s why I am sharing this with you.  Especially now that the holidays are over and you are back in the “swing of things.”

Dr. Halvorson writes that Self-compassion is, in essence, cutting yourself some slack.  It’s being willing to look at your mistakes or failures with kindness and understanding — without harsh criticism or defensiveness.  Studies show that people who are self-compassionate are happier, more optimistic, and less anxious and depressed. That’s probably not surprising.  But here’s the kicker: they are more successful, too.  Most of us believe that we need to be hard on ourselves to perform at our best, but it turns out that’s 100 percent wrong.  A dose of self-compassion when things are at their most difficult can reduce your stress and improve your performance, by making it easier to learn from your mistakes.  So remember that to err is human, and give yourself a break.

Cover of "Motivation (Harvard Business Re...

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Welcome to W.H.A.T.!™

O My God! I ask Thee, by Thy most glorious Name, to aid me in that which will cause the affairs of Thy servants to prosper, and Thy cities to flourish.  Thou indeed, hast power over all things.  ~Bahá’u’lláh

Welcome to W.H.A.T.! Women Helping Affirm Themselves! website. This site is created with YOU in mind (literally!).  This is the site where you can find positive motivation and affirm & confirm with women like yourself; women who have successfully triumphed over life challenges.

Each month a positive affirming question is posed and each week a goal. The question and goal are for you to reflect deep within yourself . . . for the HONEST answer.  Then you can:

  • Keep the question and goal to yourself and journal
  • Share the question and goal with only your close friends
  • Discuss it with us at  W.H.A.T.! to affirm and confirm your feelings

But take the time to check your belief systems to see if those beliefs are leading you toward your goals.

I look forward to what the New Year brings and future discussions.

Co-Founder, W.H.A.T.!

Weekly Goal

Monthly Affirmation ~ JANUARY

WHAT have you done today in preparation for tomorrow?

It’s a New Year! And you lived to witness it. The rest is up to you!

So stop waiting until the end of the year to begin setting goals. Begin now, one day at a time with a positive affirming monthly theme.

In this first month of the year, start implementing the three W.H.A.T.!™ techniques:

Positive Affirmation: Trust God in ALL situations
Goal Setting: Goals can be big or small, few or many
Action: DOING leads you toward your goals

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