Monthly Affirmation ~ August


WHAT relationships in your life can you do with or without?

Relationships can be between lovers, friends, family, co-workers, the workplace, an organization, or God. As an individual, you must decide which relationships are important to nurture and enhance. Then get rid of the relationships that add no value. Start thinking now of the relationships to keep or delete.

Open your circle to those you can depend on for comfort, truth, and love.  Keep in touch with those who can affirm and confirm what you are experiencing or witnessing. Close your circle to those who represent gossip, lies, and drama.


Your Priorities ARE Important!

I must re-post this July goal year after year, after year! Because if you don’t put yourself or your priorities first . . . no one else will! Some may not like it or comprehend it, but in order to move yourself forward and grow mentally . . . it is a necessity!

Priority Number One – Put God First!

Putting this priority first will help with all other priorities. Okay! Well, you ask … How?

  • Daily Prayers (supplications) – Be humble to your Creator.
  • Obligatory Prayers – Recite prayers based on your faith or religion.
  • Fixed Requirements and Holy Days – Perform the necessary actions of your faith or religion. 

Prayer and supplication are the very water of life.  They are the cause of existence, the refining of the soul, and attainment to the utmost of joy. Know that in every word and movement in prayer . . . there are allusions, mysteries, and a wisdom that we are unable to comprehend.

Priority Number Two – Love Yourself!!

Without this priority, no other priority matters! Okay! Well, you ask . . . How?

  • Believe in yourself – If you don’t believe in you . . . who else will?
  • Never stop learning and seeking the truth – NEVER!!!!
  • Check your belief system from time to time – you can’t always be right!
  • Take care of important things to you – health, family, friends, nature, income, future, etc.

Always remember that worldly attachments and vain desires impede the soul’s closeness to God. Don’t be surprised when things are not the way you expect. All things, whether good or bad, are ordained by God.

Priority Number Three – Repeat Priorities One and Two!!!

This priority will help you to remember your top two priorities! Without this priority, you may mistakenly make someone else’s priorities your priority without noticing!

Monthly Affirmation ~ July


WHAT do you make a priority in your prayers?

When you pray . . .  you are having a conversation with your Spiritual Adviser. 

You need to understand that the life you are living has a higher purpose. You are seeking the answers to questions you hope will guide you to your destiny.  What you pray and how you pray is a unique opportunity to build faith, hope, and love.

Practice these daily for spiritual growth:

  • PRAY – You talk to God!

  • READ YOUR HOLY BOOK – God talks to you!

  • TESTIFY – You talk for God!

Monthly Affirmation ~ June


WHAT is God saying that you are not listening to?

God speaks to us always.  We have to let go and let God   . . . tell us what “The Plan” is for our lives. Often we make choices, giving ourselves credit for our mistakes and successes.  God is in charge and speaks to us through many resources. 

Who is talking?  It may be a child, spouse, friend, or co-worker.  It may be a minister, teacher, doctor, mechanic, or stranger.  They are the messengers!

God is the Creator who uses them to bring you the truth!  You may not like the answers received … but when God speaks … LISTEN! God speaks with wisdom and love!

Is Your Money Safe?


The days of stuffing your money under the mattress or saving jars of coins to keep your money safe are fading away. The days of using cash for transactions will be scrutinized except for a few gas stations that give a five-cent per gallon discount. Writing, sending, or receiving a personal check will soon be a distant memory . . . experienced only by those over 30. Because we no longer mail the birthday cards with the cash or check inside. That is replaced with gift cards, instant money transfers, and social media communication. 

Technology will continue to change how we view cash. Because of technology we no longer handle, count, nor touch the cash we make and spend.  It is done online electronically or with the swipe of a card. Whether paying a bill online or making an online purchase, you can pay by credit or debit card . . . but not with cash! Technology will continue to change the way you bank. If you receive pay by direct deposit, there is no need to even go to the bank or wait for the bank to open. As long as you have an online banking account, or a debit or credit card with more than a $20 balance . . . you have 24-hour access to your cash.

It is imperative to be proactive and take time to investigate and research banks, credit unions, organizations, and businesses before giving them your money. . . intentionally or unintentionally! Check for any hidden fees that may be added to your transactions. Ensure the credibility and legitimacy of any communication you receive from any company before releasing any of your personal information, to prevent identity theft. In this technological world, keeping your money safe takes on a whole new meaning!

Monthly Affirmation ~ May


WHAT are you doing with your money?

Many people believe that if they had millions of dollars they would be happy, but most of us cannot budget the money we are earning now.  Create a workable budget and stick to it. Devise a savings plan for a desired possession. Set aside funds for emergencies and unexpected circumstances. Plan for retirement and the future.  Tithe.

Don’t let your money manage you . . .  manage your money!  Take a class, hire a financial consultant, talk to an accountant, or research about money management.  Get control of your finances and watch your resources multiply!

Curtail The Conversation To Your Audience!


The last post “Who Are You Talking To?  . . . describes the types of people you expect are listening to you and their reactions. But what about the actual conversation? How do you deliver the same message while using different key words? Well, it all depends on your audience. You know the people in your life better than I do, so I will give an example.

You find out that you are getting a promotion with a big pay raise at work. This is great news, so who do you tell? Of course, you have to tell anyone who will listen! But not everyone will be happy for you . . . including co-workers or colleagues, friends, neighbors, a spouse, and maybe some family members.  So what do you say? Once again, it depends on your audience!

If you are making more money or have more power than the person you are telling and that person is jealous of you for some reason, just say “I got such-and-such job, I hope it works out okay”. . . end of conversation. If the person you tell is supportive, say “I got the promotion for the position I was telling you about.” But if a person loves you unconditionally, you say “Yippee!, Yahoo! Yeah! I am so excited, I am so happy because I got the promotion with the big pay raise, let me tell you all about it!” Enough said.

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